Trendy Wedding Photography Poses to Try in Hertfordshire

Candid Shots

Wedding photography is all about capturing candid moments of love and joy. Couples want to cherish those authentic and real moments forever. A candid shot taken during the wedding ceremony or reception can be a perfect gift for the couple. When taking candid shots, it is essential to keep the camera’s shutter speed high as the scenes will be moving. Hertfordshire offers beautiful locations to achieve candid shots, such as the Ashridge Estate or the St Albans Cathedral. A skilled photographer can capture both the emotions and the beauty of these places.

Posed Shots with a Twist

Posed wedding photography is a classic style where a couple is strategically posed in a specific manner. However, adding a bit of creativity can make the shots stand out. It can be anything quirky, like posing the couple in front of a street art wall or capturing a fun moment where the bridesmaids are running towards the bride. The photographer needs to have an artistic vision and be able to execute it. Hertfordshire has a few locations perfect for the twist, such as the Henry Moore Foundation or Old Knebworth Lane.

Nature-Inspired Shots

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but taking inspiration from nature is a beautiful way to create stunning shots. The beautiful wooded areas or gardens at Hertfordshire provide the perfect backdrop for these shots. For example, the Hitchin Lavender farm in Ickleford is an excellent location to create shots with natural surroundings. The photographer can experiment with the colors and locations in the lavender fields.

Get Experimental with Lighting

Lighting can set the tone of the whole picture. Playing with lights can create magical effects, making the wedding shots stand out. The wedding photographer can explore the experimentation with different kinds of lighting such as Rembrandt, backlit, chiaroscuro or silhouettes. The lighting experiment can take place during the couple’s engagement photoshoot, or at any other location in Hertfordshire, like the Tring Natural History Museum.

Try Different Angles and Perspectives

Trying different angles and perspectives while clicking pictures can help bring out the unique aspects of the wedding ceremony or reception without being monotonous. The wedding photographer can try different perspectives such as low-angle shots or high-angle shots, or from a distance. Different perspectives can also help create unique compositions and storylines. Old Brook Barn in Navestock is a brilliant location to try different angles. Explore the subject further with this recommended external material. Https://!

Weddings are full of love, laughter, and gorgeousness. Capturing these precious moments is essential, and everyone wants their wedding album to be perfect. With a little bit of creativity, photographers can add an extra oomph to the wedding shots. Places like Hertfordshire offer beautiful locations to capture timeless moments.

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